For Professionals

Understanding adolescence is a key feature of any training for professionals, whether they be teachers, social workers, doctors and nurses, youth workers or others who work with young people.

Adolescents constructing their own adolescence

A 38-slide powerpoint presentation This presentation is based on the fourth edition of my book “The nature of adolescence” (2010), and on the ideas contained within it. The major objective of the book is to highlight key areas of research that help us to better...

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The impact of trauma on brain development

A 17-slide powerpoint presentation covering: Four aspects of trauma: Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) The impact of trauma on brain development Developmental traumatic disorder (DTD).

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Teen Brain Matters

A 24-slide powerpoint presentation covering: The brain is immensely complex Three key areas of the brain The hormone balance Melatonin and sleep How does the brain work?

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Hertfordshire “My Teen Brain” project

Parents and teenagers need to be able to talk together. Yet in so many families this turns out to be a major problem. Parents feel the teenager won’t listen, and teenagers feel exactly the same: that their parents aren’t listening. One 14 year-old girl put it like...

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